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Letters to My Treadmill

June 14th

Dear Millie,

Hi!  Long time no see, huh?   Well, I guess if I’m being honest that’s not technically true.  Every time I walk into the family room I can feel you glaring at me, but I haven’t risked a glance in your direction because I feel guilty about how we left things.  I know I promised we’d hook up again after the holiday season was over to work off all the Christmas cookies I ate, and I feel really bad for leaving you hanging for so long.  I’m sure you must resent how I’ve treated you, but it’s not like I planned to use you as a clothes hanger.  I thought that if I hid you beneath a mound of laundry, I wouldn’t be reminded that the remedy for my ever-expanding ass was right under my nose.  You’ve heard the saying “ignorance is bliss”, right?  Well, denial is even more so…. until you can’t zipper your jeans, then all bliss is lost.

Do you remember when I first brought you home a few years ago?   I was SO excited and I promised you that we’d hang out everyday.  How naïve was that? !  I should have known that you and I are too different to make a long-term relationship work.  You’re always on the move, and sometimes I just need to spend a little downtime with the other furnishings in the house – like Couch.  I hope I don’t make you jealous by saying this, but Couch understands me in a way you never could.  He is always so comforting and supportive, and doesn’t judge me for watching eight-hour House marathons on TBS.

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Need serious help

2007-09-28 03:42:05 by coyotetu

I've tried crash diets, I've tried reading labels for hours, it's only resulted in small short-term losses and hours wasted in the store. Let me tell you right now, I'm a very, very heavy-set person, I'm currently 430 pounds.
I've lost some before now from weightlifting, but before that I seemed to equalize around 450 or so. I've gained a good amount of strength, and that may be offsetting...d be able to continue it after I reach my goal. Money is a short term object, as I'm currently unemployed, but I hope to fix that shortly. Budget would be, 20 dollars a day?
Just a rudimentary shopping list, I'm horrible at shopping for myself, which probably got me here in the first place.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to those that took the time to read this.

You don't need special food

2005-10-28 12:32:07 by NYCGreg

To lose weight, in fact fruits and vegetables are cheaper than meat. And walking on the street burns more calories than walking on a treadmill, and doing bodyweight pushups develops your arms better than a $1500 bowflex ever could. If the weight gets too out of control, there's always weight loss surgery, so I wouldn't worry about it as long as you have medical coverage.
Anyway, you need t... fitting in culturally when you see that everyone around you is basically a misfit.
Heck with school. School is only useful if you plan to do something special with the degree. Living circumstances and having a good paying job is much more important than school.
Good luck to you, the weight means nothing, I know you will find a better place for yourself either mentally or physically.

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Bowflex Treadmill

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  • Avatar cynshyn Bowflex Treadclimber or Treadmill?
    Oct 30, 2007 by cynshyn | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    I'm really interested in the Bowflex Treadclimber, but have read different reviews on it saying it breaks down a lot and having to get off it to change your resistence slows your workout down. I'm really interested in this machine, but reluctant to spend SO much money on something that may not be worth it. If anyone can tell me of their experience with the treadclimber, or the treadclimber vs. a treadmill, I'd really appreciate it.

    • Treadclimber isn't that different, and i bet you its almost the same, except that you can burn a little more, just stick to a normal one. or even run around the neighborhood, which is even better believe it or not.. Even a highschool track field is great for this cardio

  • Avatar [[lexxxa]] How to change my lifestyle?
    Mar 07, 2011 by [[lexxxa]] | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    Okay so I want to get healthier and fit. I have a bowflex treadmill I can use,but I can't start running outside again until its spring. Also, I need some tips on how to change my diet. Right now, I weigh 136 pounds and I am 5'9.5 feet tall. I want to lose 6 pounds and gain more muscle. Any tips at all? Thank you much!

    • Well, i suggest you use the treadmill for between 15 and 30 minutes every day, and i suggest you stick to a diet of vegetables, fruit, poultry, and fish. this should help you get rid of the fat whilst toning your muscles.