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BowFlex Treadclimber Speed Sensor 10564

Buy "BowFlex Treadclimber Speed Sensor 10564" For Sale

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"BowFlex Treadclimber Speed Sensor 10564 Reviews"

"BowFlex Treadclimber Speed Sensor 10564" Overview

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Bowflex 7 Treadmill Consumer Reports Best Buy

2007-02-18 08:51:35 by altlatinagrrl

Cosumer Reports (Jan 07) gave the bowflex treadmill rave reviews and I picked one up new for $1499 which included shipping.

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Amazon.com: Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill: Sports & Outdoors

Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill, motorized, computer-programmed and ready to go the distance in getting you fit! Get the low-impact, high-cardio workout benefits.

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  • Avatar Veeeeeeez k Where online can i buy a good second hand commercial treadmill?
    Feb 08, 2011 by Veeeeeeez k | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    I would like to buy a good commercial second hand treadmill the following brands: Bowflex, Nordic, Johnson Fitness, Life Fitness. I have very little budget, and it has to use 220v.

    • If you are in Australia you could try There is a page on the site called Commercial Treadmills Sale with about a dozen for sale. Good luck!

  • Avatar ellie sue Anyone whos used bowflex treadclimber, is it worth the money, is it better than a regular treadmill/eliptical?
    Jun 14, 2006 by ellie sue | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    Im looking into purchasing a treadclimber, and I have read some reviews that said that it was too expensive for what it is worth, and that it only goes up to 4 mph, you aren't able to expand your legs as far, etc. For those who own one, please let me know if I should buy one, and is it really better than any other treadmill/eliptical out there, and if not, what would you recommend. Serious answers only please. Thanks!

    • I've used a treadclimber before, and I like it better than the elliptical, but not better than a treadmill. The good thing about the treadclimber is that it burns almost the same amount of calories as jogging. It is easie …uot;best", then you won't do it which will not make you successful in achieving whatever goal you have set. I suggest you try one before you buy. Many large gyms have them, so check out your local gym, and good luck!

  • Avatar The_Cookie_Goddess What type of exercise machine should I buy?
    Nov 13, 2009 by The_Cookie_Goddess | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    Hello! I was thinking of buying the Bowflex TreadClimber or the NordicTrack® X3 Incline Trainer - but both have had some negative reviews. I don't want to buy a problem-prone machine, but I feel I do best in my weightlo …I prefer a treadmill or elliptical type machine. Can anyone recommend a dependable machine that is appropriate for home use and won't break the bank? I'm in Canada - so it would have to be available here. Thank you!

    • A jump rope and a ab roller from walmart or wherever you shop. jumping rope will burn more calories and much cheaper. jump rope in 30 sec duration and then do body weight exercises such as push up squats lunges and planks and you are set. you don't need fancy equipment to workout you just need desire.