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Workouts on HydroWorx Treadmills helped to bang first step for Olympics Games
... Platinum XP800 bowflex, a Weslo Candence 7 Treadmill and a SpinBike

Oregon Project athletes coached by world-renowned marathoner Alberto Salazar the athletes were practicing in underwater treadmills to keep from missing training days, even when injured. As a result, Rupp recently shattered the United States Olympic Trials record, held by Max Keflezighi since 2004, by more than 11 seconds. Fellow Oregon Project runner Dathan Ritzenhein finished third at the trials, which means both he and Rupp qualified for the upcoming Olympic Games.

Rupp cites his years of good training as a reason for his continued success. “A lot of that is due to running on the HydroWorx consistently and being able to get a lot of miles on there, ” he says. Salazar says his athletes used HydroWorx underwater treadmills right up to the trials and will continue to use them throughout the Olympics.

HydroWorx offers underwater treadmill pools, underwater treadmills, and peripheral products and services. The company reports that more than 15, 000 athletes and patients use HydroWorx technology to recover from injuries and health conditions.


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Advice: Umbilical hernia and weight training?

2007-04-06 23:51:46 by I_want_to_be_fit

I have an umbilical hernia (unrepaired) from years of being overweight. I'm now desperately trying to get in better shape. I have been devoting my cardio time to a treadmill, but would like to introduce some weight training to my regime.
At this point repairing the hernia will take time... surgeries just don't happen that quickly around here, and I'd prefer to avoid the knife at this time anyway. I've had the hernia for about 10 years and causes me virtually no problems even though it is about the size of a baseball.
Can anyone give me some recommendations as to how to begin and where to start?
Free weights, bowflex, low weights high reps... etc???

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