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STAT Futures Trading Competition (Instructions)
Treadmills Review: The Powerjog JX100 Running Machine:


  1. Download simulator installation package at  (shortcut link)
  2. Open .exe file and install into a directory (computer must be rebooted afterwards)
  3. After installation, open the program (RapidSP Trading) and you will be prompted for a registration code — click "Register" to generate a code, or just enter "R11″ without quotes into the registration box, an existing code
  4. Download the market data file here (ES contract 2008 data), save it into any directory.

Getting started

  1. Go back to the trading platform, go to ‘File’, ‘Open’ and then select the above file from the directory you’ve saved it in.
  2. After selecting the file from step 5 above, you will be taken to the Trading Setup menu (to re-access the Trading Setup menu at any time, go to ‘View’ on the task bar). For our competition today, set Account Balance to ‘$5000′ and Chart 1 Interval to ’1′
  3. To select the given trading day, toggle through the dates under "Select Date"
  4. To begin simulation trading, click the start (play) button.

For a primer on futures instruments, check out the CBOT’s Introduction to Futures Trading

DISCLAIMER: STAT is not affiliated with the creators of this software. Trading is strictly simulation, no real money is involved.

Source: Speculative Trading & Arbitrage Team @ UC Irvine

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I think you're off to a great start

2008-05-14 11:37:14 by BCoops

Our home gym is in our basement. We have a what I think you're talking about for the standard weight exercises, a treadmill, and an elliptical. Been thinking about getting a rowing machine, but haven't yet. We also have a TV with VHS/DVD and mats down for stretching (and some lifting).
I don't know if you know what you're doing with weights, but you might want to get a book to help you get...'re working all of the major muscle groups. I know I've mentioned it on here before, but my favorite is "Getting Stronger" by Bill Pearl, which was the textbook for the weightlifting class I took in college. We had considered getting a Bowflex, but decided that I'd try sticking to a routine in there for a few months to see if I got the benefit I wanted without crowding our space more, and I did.

TreadClimber by Bowflex - Request a FREE Information Kit

Discover how the TreadClimber® machine can help you get the results you've always.

TreadClimber by Bowflex - Frequently Asked Questions

An introductory video showing the machine in use and inspiring success stories.

Bowflex TC3000 Treadclimber: Amazon.com: Sports & Outdoors

Bowflex Treadclimber TC3000 cardio machine, user's manual, warranty information. Manufacturer's Warranty Motor - 3 years; parts - 2 years; electronics - 2.

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  • Avatar Does the Bowflex tread climber actually burn more calories than a regular treadmill?
    Feb 27, 2010 by | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    I was watching the 'infomercial' about the "Tread Climber" and was wondering if it actually burns more calories than a regular treadmill. I am looking to lose some weight, have a bad knee, but have permission from the doctor to still work out as long as I ice it and keep it wrapped. I need to lose weight in the least amount of time possible, will this machine help achieve that goal?

    • YES! i do not own this machine but they have it at the gym i work out at. i also have a bad knee (and ankle) and i find no difficulties. you don't go faster than 4 mph. the traditional workout is 20min and it gives you th …x tread, you get a really good workout (even more than it already is). i burn about 483cal in 30min when i do this, and sometimes i do it for an our (966 cals). i love it and am trying to convince my parents to buy it!!!!