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Bowflex treadmill L5 error

Spirit XT685 Treadmill Review

If you’ve been searching for a treadmill, you have been for sure recommended to try a model from the Spirit XT line. All the products from this line are famous for their reliability and high performance, from the low-entry version, XT185 – $1, 300, to the high-end version, the XT685 – $2, 300.


The XT685 from Spirit is a sturdy, upgraded treadmill that is definitely worthy of your time, if you’re looking for a unit in the $2000-2500 range. It rates well in all categories, so we thought we should definitely try it. There is one uncertain aspect, and we can’t seem to shake it off. It’s the fact that Spirit is an economic brand, so we ask ourselves “Can we really rely on this unit? ”

Spirit XT685 treadmill console

Check out next our review on XT685 and go to Conclusions to overview our final conclusions.

Spirit XT685 treadmill



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TJ Hoban - Bowflex commercial
TJ Hoban - Bowflex commercial


2007-02-18 11:37:24 by altlatinagrr

Thanks for the info... After reviewing and selecting the Bowflex Series 7 treadmill I further looked into "home gyms" and the in CR and couldnt find anything.. I get CR every month..
I tested out the bowflex gym stuff with rods and didnt like the way it felt, didnt feel even enough with the right and left rods moving unevenly.. Since we all have one arm weaker than the other I felt as if I would always be fighting the equipment to be "even" and couldnt concentrate on resistance and form but on not being "wobbly"..

Trimline 7150 treadmill giving "Err L5"

...get an "Err L5" error on the console... We are having the exact same issue with our Bowflex 3 Series treadmill. Did you ever come up with a solution?

Bowflex Treadclimber "Bowflex code error l5 treadclimber" issues

641421 Solutions for "bowflex code error l5 treadclimber" problems. After approx. 30 min. of walking on full speed it. Bowflex TC-5000 After approx.

Bowflex Treadclimber "Error l5" issues

14 Solutions for "error l5" problems. My Bowflex Treadclimber keeps coming up with an. Error L5. This error message shows up 5 seconds after turning the.

Bowflex Treadmill Series 7 "Error ls" issues

Err LS on Bowflex Treadmill. LS" on my treadmill? None of the buttons work. The machine needs to be re- callibrated. L5 error. Your speed sensor must.

Bowflex Treadmill Series 7 "Error l5" issues

5 Solutions for "error l5" problems. Err LS on Bowflex Treadmill.L5 error. Your speed sensor must have been damaged either during shipping or use.

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  • Avatar Meekachan Abs, treadmill with incline, no incline, bowflex treadclimber, help?
    Jan 27, 2008 by Meekachan | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    Ok, so I know that to see your abs you have to burn lots of fat and eat very healthy, I eat very healthy and walk on 4.5 mph on the tread w/o incline everyday and do pilates for 15 mins 2 days on 2 days off from a video w … stuff and my treadmill has no incline, so would incline get me better results, the answer is probably yes but just wondering as to my abs, not my legs my whole body is very well toned, is just my tummy I want to go away

    • Lack of time is the most common complaint given by people for not exercising or following a fitness regime. If you are one of them, you can purchase a home treadmill. It is one of the most important and beneficial home exercise equipment nowadays. But before purchasing a treadmill for home, you should take care of the following 10 points.

  • Avatar peonetta What are the best shoes to wear when using the Bowflex TreadClimber 5000?
    Sep 03, 2010 by peonetta | Posted in Other - Sports

    I can use the Bowflex like a Treadmill or to an almost elliptical/incline when in "TreadClimb" mode. What type of shoe should I get--walking, running, hiking, etc....?

    • I would think either a walking or running shoe would work out fine.