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Community leader, ‘Fighter for the Underdog’ Dr. Donald L. Clark Dies

By Shabria Davis
The Globe Times Chronicle

Dr. Donald L. Clark

Dr. Donald L. Clark, president of the Willow Grove Branch of the NAACP, died April 21 at a hospice facility in Warminster.

According to his wife and NAACP Willow Grove Branch Secretary Margot Clark, he was diagnosed with bone cancer in February.

Dr. Clark, 75, served as president of the organization since 2000.

“He was involved with the NAACP for many years, before becoming president, ” Margot said. “He was drawn to the organization’s advocacy for civil rights for all people. Don was always a fighter for the underdog.”

Dr. Clark was also involved with many other community organizations. He served on the Abington Human Relations Advisory Committee, the Communities that Care project, Abington Community Taskforce, Community and Police Together, the Abington Police Athletic League, District Strategic Planning Commission, Montgomery County Human Relations Commission, The Institute for the Preservation of African American Music, The Willow Grove Foundation, The National Council on Educating Black Children and No Place for Hate.

Source: BuxMontNews.com

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