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Bowflex treadmill 5 series specs

Horizon T100 Treadmill Review, Specs & Features

For basic fitness requirements, The Horizon T100 treadmill is definitely a good machine which you can buy while being in budget. The machine comes with 6 basic fitness programs, i.e. manual, rolling hills, weight loss, cardio burn, fat blast, and endurance challenge, so check if you’re looking for something from this list, go for the treadmill without any hesitation. The model is though discontinued by the company; you can still buy it as it’s available in the market. But in case, if it’s not available the best and most suitable option will be to buy newer version, i.e. the Horizon T101 treadmill.

Besides durability and quality, Horizon has improved the budget line of treadmills and the Horizon T101 treadmill is an example, which topped the Best Buy lists.

Horizon T100 Treadmill Review, Specifications & Features:

  • 1.75 CHP Motor
  • 18″ x 52″ Tread Belt
  • 0-10% Incline
  • 0 to 10 mph
  • 6 Programs
  • AEROsoft™ Cushioning System
  • Coolfit™ Workout Fan
  • Contact hand grip sensors
  • 275-lb. User Weight Capacity
  • Folding frame

The Horizon T100 treadmill’s warranty, set by manufacturer is lifetime for frame, 7 years for motor, 90 days for parts / labor, so be sure before buying!

Source: iMaxFitness

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Need Bowflex treadmill fixed!

2009-03-29 09:47:46 by gabagaba

Where can I get a Bowflex treadmill fixed in SW Mo? - Bowflex gives me the name of someone in St. Louis, and the other outfits in Springfield shy away from Bowflex. Any Ideas? It is a Bowflex Series 5 treadmill.

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Bowflex 5-Series Treadmill Review

The Bowflex 5-Series treadmill is an improved version of the popular 3- Series. A more powerful motor, longer treadbelt and twice the number of workout.

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  • Avatar Mike Parry I wanna buy Sole F80 Treadmill. Is it worth buying?
    Nov 27, 2010 by Mike Parry | Posted in Cycling

    I'm searching for treadmill and found this Sole F80 on twitter http://amzn.to/9ZHmcJ It's well rated on Amazon.com and the comments about it are pretty good, but I'm just want to make sure it's worth the price. I owned …ries 7 Treadmill for a couple of years. It was repaired several times after mechanical and electrical problems. I don't want the same problem again. So, have anyone used Sole F80 before? any comment? Thanks in advance.

    • I have purchased all my exercise equipment off Craigs List and eBay (local pick up) and thrift stores. My motto is how can you go wrong with the purchase of at least a $300 item for less than $100. Do your research on Craigslist and ebay and look at epionions for reviews...

  • Avatar Paulie Which treadmill should I buy - The Smooth 6.25, or the Sole F80, or something else?
    Jan 05, 2008 by Paulie | Posted in Diet & Fitness

    Looking for a high quality treadmill, not to exceed $1500. The two models I've mentioned seem to fit the bill, and are in the price range. Both have received great reviews, however I am questioning the validity of all of …t the Bowflex 7-series, based on the Consumer Reports rating, but am questioning the quality, long-term. This thing will be used three or four times a week, and I don't wish to be buying another one for a very long time.

    • I think you can get an excellent Treadmill for up to $1,500. For your price range, I would consider a Spirit or Sole Elliptical. They are in the $1000-$2500 price range. They are excellent Treadmills for the money, and th … comes up with their own average rating. You can also see side by side comparisons, and the current pricing for the Sole and Spirit Treadmills I was talking about. I hope this information helps in our search... good luck!