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Bowflex v.s. treadmill

Soloflex Vs Bowflex – The Battle of the Home Gyms
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Treadmill Sears : Soloflex Vs Bowflex – The Battle of the Home Gyms

In this article I will breakdown the differences between the Soloflex vs Bowflex

Have you been considering purchasing a home gym? With all the choices around it can be rather confusing. Two of the more popular choices are the Soloflex and the Bowflex home gym. While the names may be similar that’s where it ends.

So let’s take a look at Soloflex vs Bowflex

Soloflex Home Gym

The Soloflex home gym utilizes resistance straps as opposed to the Bowflex that uses power Rod technology. In essence, resistance is resistance but there are limitations to either one. Soloflex has been around since 1978 and its popularity has faded.

At one time it was the home gym to buy. Today that distinction has been passed on to Bowflex. The reason I say that is because of the amount of infomercials, advertising and annual sales of the Bowflex. You won’t see a Soloflex commercial on television these days.

Unfortunately, the classic Soloflex is no longer being sold. Although, you may be able to purchase a used one through Craigslist or in your local town paper. On their website they still sell parts and weight straps.

The major advantage that I saw to the Soloflex system was its ability to add free weights. This is not available with any of the Bowflex Home Gyms. The major disadvantage to the Soloflex Home Gym is the weight straps which will eventually; similar to the Bowflex power rods, weaken and lose their tensile strength.

Source: Treadmill Sears

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I got the best advice from a client of mine

2007-10-17 09:42:31 by az-pony

That sells fitness equip. to high end public gyms and home gyms. I asked him almost the same question when I was just starting out.
I said 'What is the best piece of equip. on the market that will help me at home or should I join a gym and just use their stuff?'
He said, 'The best piece of equipment is the one that you will USE. If you buy a bowflex or gazelle but don't use it there is no point. If you join a gym but never go then you are just throwing your money away. Think about who you are and be honest with yourself about it.'
So I got my treadmill, a yoga mat, and some weights, and it's been working out great!

Bowflex Vs. Treadmill In Weight Loss | LIVESTRONG.COM

The Bowflex is a strength-training machine known for its versatility. The treadmill remains a gym or home standby, providing you the ability to scorch.

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