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Bowflex treadmill thumping sound

Spirit XT685 Treadmill Review

If you’ve been searching for a treadmill, you have been for sure recommended to try a model from the Spirit XT line. All the products from this line are famous for their reliability and high performance, from the low-entry version, XT185 – $1, 300, to the high-end version, the XT685 – $2, 300.


The XT685 from Spirit is a sturdy, upgraded treadmill that is definitely worthy of your time, if you’re looking for a unit in the $2000-2500 range. It rates well in all categories, so we thought we should definitely try it. There is one uncertain aspect, and we can’t seem to shake it off. It’s the fact that Spirit is an economic brand, so we ask ourselves “Can we really rely on this unit? ”

Spirit XT685 treadmill console

Check out next our review on XT685 and go to Conclusions to overview our final conclusions.

Spirit XT685 treadmill



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BowFlex BowFlex Treadmill Speed Sensor 18622
Sports (BowFlex)

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I got the best advice from a client of mine

2007-10-17 09:42:31 by az-pony

That sells fitness equip. to high end public gyms and home gyms. I asked him almost the same question when I was just starting out.
I said 'What is the best piece of equip. on the market that will help me at home or should I join a gym and just use their stuff?'
He said, 'The best piece of equipment is the one that you will USE. If you buy a bowflex or gazelle but don't use it there is no point. If you join a gym but never go then you are just throwing your money away. Think about who you are and be honest with yourself about it.'
So I got my treadmill, a yoga mat, and some weights, and it's been working out great!

Bowflex Thumping sound Problems & Solutions - FixYa

...thumping noise towards the back of the treadmill, very rhythmic in sound,.

Bowflex Thumping noise Problems & Solutions - FixYa

...thumping noise with increased speed brand new treadmill, just set it up.
About 10-15 seconds after the bowflex treadclimber is turned on whether it.

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